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Before you Apply

Please make sure you have read about the course and fit the required standard – all the information you need is below, please read through these notes before submitting your application form, found at the bottom of this page.

Take time to fill out the personal statement. We would rather have too much information than too little. Here we would like to know your orchestral and musical experience, as well as why you enjoy music and why you would like to be a part of YYS. If you have a recommendation from your teacher this is where to put it.  Also this is our opportunity to learn a little about you, so try and put some of your personality into your application and have fun with it! We recommend writing it in word first and copy and pasting your statement.

 Take a look at our social channels to get a feel of the great experiences other talented musicians are enjoying at YYS

If you’re unsure about any part of the application process or would like to discuss your application  – please email info@yys.org.uk or call 07814 437304.


We accept applicants for the following instruments:

  • Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

  • Flute (preferably with Piccolo), Oboe (preferably with Cor Anglais), Clarinet (preferably with A Clarinet), Bassoon

  • French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba

  • Percussion (Orchestral)

  • Harp

About You

Applicants should be:

  • Aged 12-18 during the time of the course
  • At least grade 6 standard

Example Statement

“I started to become interested in music when I first heard my Great Uncle Donald play the kazoo. He played with great enthusiasm and love for the music. It made me want to do the same. After eleven months of having to be good, Father Christmas brought me a kazoo for Christmas! I worked hard all day that Christmas and by the end of that day I could play Away in a Manger and Jingle Bells. In the years to come I took up oboe and piano at school. I worked really hard, finding that I probably wasn’t as much of a natural on these instruments as I am at the kazoo, but after persevering I am now playing to a good standard. I love playing romantic music in particular. This year in the school orchestra we played the overture to Romeo and Juliet by Tchaikovsky. It was really fun, and I got to play the cor anglais, which was great. I offered to play the part on my kazoo, but apparently the kazoo wasn’t around in Tchaikovsky’s time. Such a shame. I bet he would have written an amazing kazoo concerto. I particularly enjoy playing music in ensembles, including the National Kazoo Orchestra, Yorkshire Kazoo Choir and the Double Reed Ensemble of Yorkshireville. I love to be a part of a bigger sound and it’s great fun to play music for others in concerts. When I’m not practising, making oboe reeds or polishing my kazoo, my hobbies include cycling, reading and looking after my five fish, Johann, Wolfgang, Ludwig, Dmitri and Elvis.”

Cost & Payment

The total fee for the course is £450.  This works out at about £75 per day for world class musical coaching, set in one of Yorkshire’s finest schools.

If you are successful in your application, you will be required to pay a £100 non refundable deposit within 1 month of receiving your acceptance letter. The remaining £350 must be paid at the latest by August 7th.

If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours of submission please get in touch with us via the contact page or email us at info@yys.org.uk

Application Form