Yorkshire Young Sinfonia is first to become 100% digital

Yorkshire Young Sinfonia is first to become 100% digital

Yorkshire Young Sinfonia is about to become the first youth orchestra to become 100% digital, thanks to the digital music app Newzik.

As students arrive for this year’s Yorkshire Young Sinfonia (YYS) course and concert with Ray Chen, one thing will be missing… all the sheet music. Thanks to the music app Newzik, students will be met by a room filled with iPads.

The use of digital technology instead of traditional sheet music is still new in the classical music world, with only a handful of professional orchestras trying out this innovation so far.

“The use of digital technology for orchestras has been advancing in recent times, but as yet no youth orchestra has actually performed an entire concert using only screens” said conductor Tom Hammond.

“For YYS to be that orchestra shows how advanced we’re thinking as an organisation. The potential for saving time in rehearsals, where as any conductor will tell you every last second counts, will be a fantastic development. And no more ‘I forgot to bring my sheet music’ excuses too as they can access their music from any iPad!”

Newzik can allow orchestras and musicians to take a huge step forward into the tech era. Switching from paper to digital scores will save them time and resources by reducing wasteful printing, copying and annotating. It will prevent musicians from reading outdated and erased scores and eliminate the stress of page-turning by using a Bluetooth foot pedal. Not only that, but real revolution is that annotations and bowing markings can be shared to other musicians in real time.

David Taylor, CEO of YYS, said: “For years, Yorkshire has been the home of innovation across a wide range of sectors.  Both YYS and our partners the University of Leeds have a reputation for embracing and delivering innovation, and we are delighted to continue that tradition.”

“Thanks to Newzik we are able to be a world leader in innovation and technology in classical music. The ability to share annotations in real time using an interactive and dynamic score when we use MusicXML files is pioneering technology. The difference it will make to our students is going to be immeasurable and I cannot wait to see them in action with Newzik this summer.”

Yorkshire Young Sinfonia have a reputation for innovation and excellence in classical music, featuring as the subject of the BBC Radio 4 programme “Birth of an Orchestra” with Alan Bennett in 2015, and recently winning the Arts and Culture Award at the Welcome to Yorkshire White Rose Awards 2016 – the biggest tourism awards in the UK.

YYS will be using Newzik for their summer course August 14th – 19th, their concert with international soloist Ray Chen at Hull City Hall on August 19th.

For more information, visit www.yys.org.uk  and www.newzik.com